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When you're looking for a new fence in Tampa Bay Florida, you want to choose one that is not only going to look great but provides you with the privacy, protection, and durability you require. The customizable fencing solutions you'll find at Tampa Fence offer premium selections in both residential and commercial fence solutions that are sure to create a perfect fit for your space.

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Tampa Fence has been providing our professional fencing services for over 25 years to the Tampa Bay area and we pride ourselves on our great reputation for quality workmanship. Between our high ratings, unmatched experience, and incredible warranties, you can rest easy when you choose to find your perfect fence with Tampa Fence.

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There are various options available to meet your needs, whether you are a homeowner in Tampa Bay or a business owner in need of a commercial fence.

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Tampa Bay Florida residential fencing contractor

Residential Fence Advantages

Enhance your property beauty and safety simultaneously

Whatever type of home you have, you can enhance your aesthetics and raise your level of security with a residential ornamental fence. Many times, when this is the main priority, homeowners will choose to install aluminum fences for their elegant look and tough material. No matter what type you choose, you will have a new, long-lasting fence to boost your property in many ways.

Improve the safety of your kids and pets

Vinyl fences, chain link fences, and wood fences are the most common materials for backyard fences in Tampa Bay, but there are other options that also work well. Specific styles from each type are ideal for protecting pets and youngsters while keeping out unwelcome visitors and animals.

Discourage unwanted attention

People like getting away from the public eye every now and again, but living so close to your neighbor's house may make it difficult. Privateness and value go hand in hand when you install a quality vinyl or wooden privacy fence around your property.

Provide a safe environment for your pool

Pools across Florida pose a serious risk to children under the age of six, hence most states have approved legislation requiring pool fences. If you have a swimming pool, you'll need a barrier that can be seen through, is safe to enter, and can't be scaled. Dimensions like height and installation must also be taken into consideration. For pool fences, open weave and great security features make aluminum, vinyl, and chain link the most common alternatives.

Define the borders of your property

Fences made of pickets or split rails are ideal for this purpose across Tampa Bay. If you need to cover a large area, they are a cost-effective solution that looks fantastic in a domestic environment. This style of fence is actually required by many HOAs because of its aesthetic value.

Tampa Bay Florida commercial fencing contractor

Commercial Fence Advantages

Residential and commercial fences in the Tampa Bay area both use various kinds of fencing, but they serve distinct purposes. Commercial fencing often has a wider list of reasons for fence installation. For example, a fence installed for a company should provide the following functions:

Increasing the level of security

Any security system must have a sturdy fence as a foundational element. One great way to do it is to add security cameras and barbed wire in conjunction with chain link fences to create a more intimidating barrier.

Reducing your liability risks

Some Tampa Bay businesses have restricted or dangerous locations on their premises. These places should be prominently marked by a fence so that people know exactly where they shouldn't go.

Give your clients and staff privacy

Business people in Tampa Bay need their privacy for a variety of reasons. Specific work environments or services of a sensitive nature, like attorney offices or certain medical offices, respect the privacy of their clients and a privacy fence can help. Even a work yard where many materials are stored and need to be kept out of a street view can benefit greatly from a solid fence.

Attract business

When it comes to business, how you are seen by customers is really significant. Whatever the strength or design of your fence, a prospective customer might be put off if it appears unsightly. The goal of a commercial fence is to convey a sense that your company is professional and will care about your clients the same way you take care of your business.

Transform Your Tampa Bay Outdoor Space with One of Tampa Fence's 5 High-Quality Fence Options

Tampa Fence's trained professionals can design and install a variety of fences. Here are the five main styles of residential and commercial fences we specialize in: Aluminum Fences, Vinyl Fences, Chain Link Fences, Wood Fences, and Composite Fences. Choosing the right fence option is determined by the location, the fence's purpose, and your price range. Our expert staff has 25 years of experience, so you can have confidence in us through each step of constructing your new fence in Tampa Bay FL!

aluminum fence Tampa Bay Florida

Tampa Bay Florida Aluminum Fence Installation

Define boundaries and secure borders with the strength and elegance of an aluminum fence. This popular fence option displays strength and sophistication, making a powerful statement. If you aim to enhance curb appeal, establish your property line, and deter unwanted visitors, an aluminum fence is ideal. Ensure the safety and security of your property in Tampa Bay with an impressive aluminum fence. Paired with a solid steel gate, it becomes an impenetrable barrier for your home or business.

Aluminum Fence
vinyl fence Tampa Bay Florida

Tampa Bay Florida Vinyl Fence Installation

Vinyl fences are gaining popularity among homeowners and business owners in Tampa Bay Florida! By providing durability and attractiveness, these fences offer versatile designs and layouts. Whether you prefer a short, gated picket fence for your front yard or tall, gapless panels for privacy and protection, a vinyl fencing solution is tailored just for you. Tampa Fence ensures longevity by using the highest quality vinyl for every local project.

Vinyl Fence
chain link fence Tampa Bay Florida

Tampa Bay Florida Chain Link Fence Installation

Consider a chain link fence for a cost-effective and efficient solution to secure your property. Whether you choose traditional galvanized or black vinyl, we install chain link fences throughout Florida to enhance security for homes and businesses. You have options with various gauges, ranging from solid, thick chain link for robust protection to lighter-weight mesh for specific applications. If you're seeking an affordable and quick fencing option, chain link fences are reliable.

Chain Link Fence
wood fence Tampa Bay Florida

Tampa Bay Florida Wood Fence Installation

Tampa Fence installs numerous residential wood fences annually, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of front yards, backyards, gardens, and playgrounds in Tampa Bay Florida. Our wood fence service includes elaborate design features and customized top finishes. Explore ideas online, choose panel and gate positions, and let us create the wood fence of your dreams for your house or business!

Wood Fence
Composite fence Tampa Bay Florida

Tampa Bay Florida Composite Fence Installation

Are you looking for a long-lasting fence solution? Our composite fences with aluminum framing are built to last, providing a dependable, low-maintenance alternative that endures time. We offer five different colors of lightweight, environmentally friendly panel boards. Our composite fence systems can be tailored to provide the degree of privacy you want, from complete privacy to semi-private. Maintaining your fence's fresh and new appearance needs little effort since it is easily washed with water and mild soap.

Composite Steel Fence

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When you need residential or commercial fencing service in the Tampa Bay area, Tampa Fence is the best choice for all your fence needs! We only work with top-quality materials in wood fencing, chain link fencing, vinyl fencing, composite fencing, and aluminum fencing, and our installation services are second to none!

Our mission is not only to be the number one company to call when looking to add fencing to your Tampa Bay Florida home, but to strive every day to provide the greatest experience our customers have ever had with a service-based company. Let us show you our dedication to excellent customer service and experience. Fencing is an investment in your property - invest wisely with Tampa Fence.

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Examples of our recent fence projects in Tampa Bay Florida, are shown below. And we have even more! Please get in touch with us and we'll give you plenty of pictures and samples of the types of fences we have in stock in Tampa Bay.

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Our online inquiry form makes it easy to get in touch and start to compare the pricing of different configurations, options, and styles for your Tampa Bay Florida property. Reach out and get started

The popularity of a certain type of fence in Tampa Bay is totally dependent on how it is going to be used. For residents and homeowners, vinyl fences and wood fences are often the most common with aluminum and chain link fences coming close behind. For commercial properties, it can vary greatly depending on the level of security and strength needed. Both aluminum and chain link fences work well in many commercial settings.

Ultimately, the perfect fence for you is the one that best matches your needs. Our Tampa Bay fence professionals will gladly visit your home or place of business to assist you with the planning of your project, provide you with a free quote, and provide you with expert advice from start to finish.

The rules for getting a permit may be very different depending on where you live in Florida. No matter what, the team at Tampa Fence is happy to help you in Tampa Bay before you start installing your fence and make sure you have everything you need to get the job done according to code and your community.

Tampa Fence has been constructing fences in FL, since 1997. We are one of the most reputable fence companies in the Tampa Bay area because of our hard work and dedication to quality. Contact our helpful staff now if you're looking for high-quality fences and excellent service.

Yes. For the most professional fence installation in the Tampa Bay area, look no further than our fully licensed and insured company. We take our work and customer service very seriously, and we make sure that our business standards are the highest in the area.

It's easy to get an estimate from Tampa Fence! Simply reach out to our office staff through our online contact form, or give us a call and our friendly fence pros will walk you through the process. You may get a better sense of what you want by looking at the many fences we provide on our website and by having the dimensions of your property handy when you do call. We're happy to help you design your fence so you can get the security and privacy you need most.

Wood, aluminum, vinyl, and chain link fencing are all available, as are a wide variety of fence designs. There are too many to mention in a short answer, so be sure to look through our site to get a feel for the basics, then get in touch with us by phone or email to learn about the many services we provide.